Effective Philanthropy Based on Local Need


Applying for Funding

We support local charities, community and voluntary groups in Jersey whose work benefits our community. We welcome applications from both new and established groups.

Giving back

With a range of giving options, the Foundation can assist you to channel your giving to where it will be most effective on a local level.

Jersey Community Foundation

Jersey Community Foundation is a registered Jersey charity, and is part of a network of over 1,800 community foundations operating across the globe. Like all community foundations, it serves as a platform for charitable giving, connecting donors with local causes. As a trusted expert in charitable giving with an understanding of Jersey’s greatest needs, JCF ensures that funds are effectively and efficiently managed and distributed according to donors' wishes via our specialist, bespoke donor service and due diligence procedures.

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Suicide rates have risen among young males aged 10-14, and among females of all ages since 2013 in...

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Have you ever paused to consider the impact of your lottery ticket purchase on the Island...

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Community Foundations are one of the fastest growing philanthropic movements globally. Today there...

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